Jazz and fashion at Ututut

By Sarah Luisa Santos . March 15, 2014

Ututut shop Berlin

Unique jewellery, vintage clothing plus good music and friends. Ututut‘s your new hang-out.

Like every other shop we profiled here for Neukölln Shopping Nacht, Ututut has also something special to offer.

Showroom and studio for the label Franfrantou, the shop also hosts live gigs of free jazz and swing on weekends.

With experimentalism as its core, owners Ali and Aurelie, the first a web-designer with a passion for jazz, the second a collage artist with a creative vision, wanted to bring together their work and vision. This is how Ututut was created.

Ututut owners

Aurelie explained a bit about Franfrantou, the label sold at Ututut:

“Franfrantou is a label that stands for unique pieces. Whether we are crafting them directly in the boutique-atelier (jewellery), selecting them from other artists (prints) or finding them on flea markets (vintage collectibles), we are open to different styles as long as it has personality. Franfrantou started as an online shop and it is now very exciting to have a space to play in, display and have direct contact with customers.

Franfrantou jewelry

With creative pieces, Franfrantou can be the right place for those looking for more exclusivity when it comes to fashion accessories. Their jewellery is handmade and each piece is unique as the materials used always vary in shape, size and colour.


As for the gigs, jazz and swing is the par of the course but, as Amelie told us, the door is open to all different styles.

“We have live music every weekend, on Friday and Saturday nights.

“Mostly we have jazz gigs from the lively surrounding scene of Berlin but, of course, we are always open to other styles. People can follow us on FB or check out our website for the upcoming programme of events.

“If anyone is a musician looking for a warm place to play, contact us!”

At Neukölln Shopping Nacht, Ututut is hosting a live concert.

“Besides music for lovers and free magic drinks, we have set up a tombola filled with many surprises, so let’s have some fun.”

Message Received!


Weserstrasse, 53, Berlin





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