THE HOUSE OF RED DOORS, Thursday @ Infamous Salon – Zur Wilden Renate

By BERLIN LOVES YOU . January 22, 2016

BERLIN LOVES YOU House of Red Doors 1

Have you ever worried where your afterlife might take you?

With a visit to the (in)famous ‘Salon – Zur wilden Renate‘ on the 28th of January, those worries might be a thing of the past. Abandon all sorrows, ye who enter THE HOUSE OF RED DOORS, and earn your ticket to the second circle of hell. Those of you who’ve reserved your place at that destination already, will find an excellent opportunity to make eternal damnation worthwhile, with a once-in-a-lifetime experience in profligate pleasure.

Enter a labyrinth in which the worlds of performer and spectator coalesce in a hedonistic melting pot – fuelled by mankind’s oldest sin. Tie up your friends and find your way through Renate’s guts and her inhabitants, while she dreams of her red light past.

BERLIN LOVES YOU House of Red Doors 2

Dare to get lost and dive into differently-themed playrooms and hidden chambers pulsing behind red doors. Dump your morals, smash a window and find new friends. Discover secret places where the line between art and sex blurs (much like your field of vision after the bearded woman with the strap-on shared her poppers).

Through these doors you can step into your own daydreams (or melt into other mindscapes) – and maybe you even have what it takes to earn one of the ‘golden tickets’ that give chosen sinners access to the venue’s own hidden heaven.

You can visit THE HOUSE OF RED DOORS Facebook event and buy your tickets here.

We interviewed your hosts, Alex & Billie from Bad Bruises, to illuminate what might and might not await you on their very-Berlin version of the escape through the rabbit hole.

Is there any one type of person you think will be most comfortable, most ready for THE HOUSE OF DOORS?

We are open to all kinds of people, sexualities, kinks and ideas. There isn’t one kind of person we are targeting, just adventurous, life-loving spontaneous souls. There is absolutely no pressure at all to do anything sexual, just come and enjoy the night as you want. Each person will bring their own sparkle and story to the night.

Describe the experience. When you open those doors, what are you meant to feel? 

The whole inspiration behind THE HOUSE OF RED DOORS was to create a place of total escapism, where the outside world can be forgotten. A space that merges the stage with the audience. We’re going to bring elements of performance art, dance, actors, immersive theatre and sex into a club night. A new way to party in Berlin.

What’s your advice to guests before they walk through those red doors?

Leave your egos and inhibitions at the door. Prepare to jump down the rabbit hole and hold onto your hats. Open your mind and get involved, dress up and get ready to play.

There’s a wide variety of acts performing during the event. Will they be spread out throughout the rooms or will there be a single performance stage? Is there a timetable for the performers?

The performers will be immersed within the event and each room will have its own secrets to share. There will also be one-off performances from some of the world’s most highly renowned performance artists. Sometimes you’ll have to find them, sometimes they will come to you – and there will be lots of surprises.

How did you choose the performers for THE HOUSE OF RED DOORS?

From our extensive backgrounds which range from art, theatre, circus, cabaret, opera to the party scene – many of the artists are well loved and respected performers we have been working with for many years. They are some of their respective scene’s most notorious and acclaimed performers that we have the pleasure of showcasing. Not to mention one of the most mind blowing DJ line ups in Berlin going on all night!

Is there a clear, room-to-room path that makes the most sense to take – that has the most artistic sense?

More rooms will open as the night progresses. However, we recommend everyone to come on time as at first we will welcome our guests into the downstairs Brothel Bar – Here you can meet the residents of THE HOUSE OF RED DOORS and watch incredible, one-off performances. From there, progressively more areas will open as the night rolls on for you to find your own path and adventure.

BERLIN LOVES YOU House of Red Doors 3

You talk about The Hidden Heaven Spot where only certain lucky people will be given access… What goes on there, and how can you be one of these lucky people?

This will be an extra secret for those we feel are really getting into the spirit of things. Amazing outfits or attitudes will be given a ‘golden ticket’ to another area.

You speak about hidden areas and secrets, could you maybe give our readers an exclusive hint/tip to one of the hidden places?

Like with all great love affairs, a little mystery adds to the tension and excitement wouldn’t you say?

Is photography/filming forbidden to elevate that sense of escapism?

It will be forbidden, we can’t let everyone see what we’re up to inside the House. Mother wouldn’t like it.

Are there any taboos that cross the line? What’s not allowed in THE HOUSE OF RED DOORS?

We simply ask that audience members respect each other, the artists and the club. Don’t take what’s not given and don’t give what doesn’t want to be taken. Just have an open mind and let your taboos run away with you. Play safe, don’t be a dickhead and we’ll all be happy.

What will you be wearing to the event?

Oh, we’ll be in our best party outfits… but by the end of it, I’m sure very little.

What do you suggest me, this blog writer, to wear to the event?

Anything your heart desires, there’s no rules or restrictions. We are really encouraging people to be whoever and whatever they want to be. It’s an open platform to express yourself and your own style.

You say The HOUSE OF RED DOORS will be “Bringing back some of the creativity and chaos of old Berlin.” What do you think Berlin has lost?

Firstly, we both love Berlin. We’re just exceptionally aware that Berlin has always been a haven for the weird, the transgressive, the bizarre, the anti-authoritarian, a pioneer of perversions and a famous freakshow. From the Weimar era onwards, ’60s counter culture, ’70s West Berlin, punk, squats, techno & so much more – through to the modern day. The traditions of hedonists & bohemians with music, art and theatre that pushed boundaries are what we want to capture and continue in a new way.

Could THE HOUSE OF RED DOORS be seen as a metaphor to all Berliners: coming to Berlin looking for that great – and often sexual – escape?

Absolutely. We remember the first time we felt the sense of freedom and possibility here in the city. The stark streets and beautiful people, the late night adventures and love affairs. We welcome you into another new wonderland…

Is this a one-time event, or do you have plans for a more permanent space?

We’re currently focussed on this one but the plan is to run many more shows in the future, to develop and grow with our audience and artists. With everything put together for this one to go off with a BANG we want to blow people’s minds so they tell their friends. We’re going to keep working to bring something unique and special to the scene.

If you’re still wondering whether this event is a suitable opportunity for you to gamble away salvation, you’re probably one of the few souls destined to waste their afterlife with bad musicians, uninspired artists and prudish lovers in ‘heaven’ while we party with the rest.


Bad Bruises is a collaboration between Alex J. Eccleston and Billie Rae Bigsby, two wonderfully perverted souls based in Berlin.

Eccleston is founder and producer of Berlin’s much loved Kiez Oper, a show that has regularly enticed thousands of people to witness unique and one-off opera shows and parties in venues all over the city. Billie Rae Bigsby is an internationally-renowned showgirl and director of circus and cabaret events. In the past she has worked with Cirque Le Soir, The Fuel Girls and Proud Cabaret. With performances in London, New York, Shanghai and Dubai, her shows have travelled across most of the globe.

Banbury Cross (burlesque bombshell)
Raven Dark Prince Of Burlesque (Boylesque)
Evilyn Frantic (Freakshow performance artist)
Julietta la Doll (Circus sweetheart)
Frank Sanazi (crooner with a twist)
Le Pustra (performance artist)
Kalinka Kalaschnikow (Striptease and performance art)

+ MANY MORE artists, installations, exhibtions, characters, strange souls, wild childs, bright young things, sexy motherfuckers and performers to play with.

Schwarzer Raum:
Broken English Club /// jealous god, citytrax
Alex.Do /// dystopian
Mistake Made /// vault series

Grüner Raum:
Fairmont – live /// border community, areal
Nico Stojan /// bar 25
Sebastian Voigt /// renate

Roter Raum (hosted by Quer)
Laura de Vasconcelos /// party colare, zona
Sky Deep /// reveller records
La Fraicheur /// leonizer records, quer
Dasco /// mint

SADO OPERA /// sado palace

Thursday 28 January 22:00 – 12:00
Salon Zur Wilden Renate
Alt Stralau 70
Friedrichshain 10245
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