Hermann’s Spring Flavours on Torstrasse

By Andrew Cottrill . April 12, 2018

Hermann’s on Torstrasse launches its new spring menu and it’s interesting, healthy food with hints of fine dining.

We were invited to the spring relaunch of Hermann’s on Torstrasse to re-awaken our taste buds from their winter doldrums. What we discovered was a casual, welcoming canteen eatery that’s a lot closer to fine dining than you’d expect – especially for the price.

hermanns opening

Hermann’s new chef is Andrea Iannicella, an ambitious and talented chef on the Berlin scene with a distinct style I’d already had the pleasure of tasting during his pop-up project A Walk In The Woods a few months ago. His flavours are simple but ballsy, with an emphasis on crunchy textures and fine-dining execution. And Hermann’s new menu is no different.

hermanns opening 2

The menu is made up of various dishes and salad bowls all with a strong emphasis on organic produce, seasonality and health. The food tastes good for you, even when your brain’s struggling to comprehend how something healthy can taste so good. Take their grilled octopus with purple potatoes, for example. Served with an unctuous yellow sauce which was reminiscent in taste to (forgive me, Andrea) everyone’s favourite junkfood treat, jalapeno and cheese sauce, minds were blown when you discovered that this delicious concoction was actually good for you…

opening event hermanns

Hermann’s is an ideal place to visit with friends for a light, guilt-free plate of food and a crisp glass of white wine. Those huge windows that surround the restaurant and the clean, white interior design make Hermann’s the perfect place to visit for lunch on a sunny day. The Vitamin D fix from all that natural light streaming in plus Andrea Iannicella’s superfood menu means you could probably skip the gym that evening.

Hermann’s Spring Menu

Smoked 5-spice duck with plum.
Brown rice, avocado and cucumber with a wasabi dressing.
Raw vegetable ribbons, pickled carrot and thai basil.
Our wonderful hosts, Erica Fernandez and Andrea Iannicella.
Okara and chickpea flour tart with courgette and shiso.
Crepe with harissa spiced lamb.



Grilled octopus with purple potatoes.


Torstr. 116-118
10119 Berlin, Germany
Visit them on Facebook.

Camera: Canon EOS 6D


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