A Handmade Treasure-Trove in Weserstrasse: Bohei

By Sarah Luisa Santos . March 13, 2014

Bohei shop Berlin

I don’t know why, but I have always loved those shops that you are not really sure what the place is about, filled with these little things here and other stuff there, curiosities abound, and somehow you don’t NEED anything, but you WANT everything. That’s Bohei.

With a varied selection of shirts, bags, illustrations, photography and design pieces, Bohei stocks mainly Berlin handmade products, things that Jan Oster, owner of Bohei, assures you that you will not find anywhere else.

Bohei shop Neuköllln

Originally, the shop was founded by Jan and Heinke in 2012, when they came to the idea of having a shop that brought together great graphic design, cool objects, and other things that inspire people, in the back-drop of an area that is changing constantly, like Neukölln.

Now, Jan flies solo when it comes to managing the shop, and told us about a few things that are definitely worth seeing at Bohei.

“The YOZEF Bags are made in Berlin and, in these times, are a top-seller. Also, HipsterQuartett products from Jonas Brunnert, or the drink called “Berliner Winter” from Benjamin Fischer.”

“For postcards fans, we have some made by very cool oil painter William Wires, and the whole range of BERLINER TÖCHTER. Also, our leather bag from ElectroPulli are proving very popular.”

Bags Bohei

On top of functioning as a shop, Bohei has also begun hosting exhibitions. One such event was “48 stunden Neukölln” from artist William Wires. Street photographer Marga Van Meydenberg also took over one of Bohei’s rooms to showcase her work.

Currently, if you check their Facebook page, they are looking for new talents to show at the shop. If you are interested in putting on an exhibition there, get in touch!

Bohei shop

Bohei is definitely a go for art and design lovers!

Weserstrasse, 43, Berlin
Mon-Sat 12-19hr


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