Friday 16th of Jan. Brides gone wild – The Runaway Brides live @ Grüner Salon

By BERLIN LOVES YOU . January 15, 2009


This Friday January 16th @ Grüner Salon – Starting time 20:00 highly recommended for a lot of fun and a hell of a good time – those girls are worth seeing! 

Spreading the gospel of country music to people who don’t even know they like country, six girls from four different nations formed the band The Runaway Brides in 2006 and have laughed, cried, and sang together ever since. Take a punk rock drummer and pair her with a classical violist; add a jazz singer playing a stand-up bass, a bluegrass mandolin player from Kentucky and two loudmouth divas with voices like single malt whisky and you have The Runaway Brides. This ain’t your average country band.



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