Text +49 157 802 319 12 to Follow the “White Rabbit” to Berlin’s Best-Kept Secrets

By Allison Krupp . October 29, 2015


We all have “that” friend: the one with the grand Berlin connections, with inherent knowledge of the coolest parties, the best dish at that hip-new-restaurant that nobody—not even Yelp reviewers—has tainted yet… Their finger is tapped on the pulse of this ever-changing city, and we scratch our heads at that same-old-bar we trust and wonder: how the fuck do they do it?

That’s where White Rabbit comes in. Just a quick message to the ethers—something like “Where should I take my Tinder date so she knows it’s not serious?” or “Can Berlin actually do Indian food?”—and the self-described “hardened locals” who’ve been “pounding the streets of Berlin for 10 years now” will zip back to you with the perfect response (often taking into account your budget, what you’re “feeling that day”), address included—completely free of charge.


With White Rabbit, we’re finally in The Know. They’ve opened a tiny crack into their strange and beautiful world of Berlin-insider-knowledge, and we’re diving in after them with abandon. We will “Follow the White Rabbit.” Where it leads us in the coming months—to an underground party, to the best goddamned whisky cocktail in the world, to complete-and-utter disaster (which is often so, so worth it)—we can’t say. But we know it’ll be a wild ride.

TXT Your Requests To: +49 157 802 319 12

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