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By Sarah Luisa Santos . March 2, 2014

nike training club berlin

I am not a huge sports fan. That being said, I was very impressed with the new Nike shop on Tauentzienstraße (we’ve mentioned it before, here).

Why? Yes, I know it is Nike, and sure, they make cool outfits for working out, but honestly, IF I were to try to engage in any kind of sporting activity it’d be in a pair of old sweatpants and a big t-shirt from the ‘90s (well, that might even be trendy now). No one looks good red and flustered from exercise, so why try to look good? But the thing is, I never really cared about working out and have no great knowledge about sports in general. And that’s exactly why I was so impressed with the Nike shop.


nike shop


As a total ignoramus on the subject, I went through the shop and actually learned more about the difference between the different products and their specific purposes. I now know the difference between shoes for running or trekking, and why my battered old sneakers probably aren’t the best things to wear for all occasions.


carl leweis nike store

Another surprise from this opening, besides the NTC (Nike Training Club), which I will talk about later, was the speech from former Olympic athlete Carl Lewis.

At age of 52, Lewis talked about his experiences in Berlin and, of course, about the Nike shop. But what really caught my attention were his words of encouragement when talking about approaching sports. He simply said everyone could be an athlete; you just have to do it (Nike slogan, anyone?) and when asked what his secret for being super fit at age 52 was, he answered: “be in charge of your own happiness”.

And, thinking about this, he is completely right. Be in charge of whatever you want to do.


nike training club

But back to working out, which is the main theme here. On the 3rd floor of the Nike shop is the Nike Training Club, which is a women’s community dedicated to helping us to work out and have a healthier life..

On their Facebook page you can find some tips and more information about how to train better, or for those like me, maybe begin to exercise. There is also an App for iPhone and Android, for those who are interested.

The Training Club has several classes ranging from Pilates, to yoga, to kickboxing and sessions usually last about 40 minutes. Best thing is everything is for free. To enrol, simply log onto their website at gonike.me/ntcstudioberlin.

Unfortunately, classes get crowded easily. But if you really want try it out, check early if there is an open spot and get working out.


Nike Training Club Berlin

Opening Hours NTC Club House:

First session start at 8hr, at store opening.

The last session ends at 20hr.


Opening Hours NIKE BERLIN: Monday to Saturday | 10hr to 20hr




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