Fashion needn’t be throwaway according to Wesen

By Sarah Luisa Santos . March 6, 2014

wesen showroom berlin

As part of our coverage of the upcoming Neukölln Shopping Nacht, we will be taking a look at the many labels and boutiques taking part.

Today we’ll be looking at Wesen. Located on Weserstrasse, Wesen is actually the showroom for the label FORMAT, created by designer Mareike Ulman.

Mareike brings a clear vision to her work: instead of following fashion trends, the designer keeps a constant collection (since the beginning of FORMAT) and adds new, unique garments with new fabrics and colours each season. Her aim is to design timeless pieces that will not be old fashioned after 6 months.


Mareike Wesen Berlin


This idea of creating styles that will endure has also meant that Wesen sells limited edition runs of styles and fabrics. There are many items for sale, which are completely unique one-offs – an important point for Mareike, who values exclusivity.

Ecology and sustainability also matters to Wesen. The textiles they use are all certified by GOTS, the Global Organic Textile Standard, and the craftsmanship of their products is made in and around Berlin, demonstrating that it is possible to have designer pieces at affordable prices without having to resort to outsourcing labour to ethically ambiguous companies working out of third world countries.

And, following the trend of other second hand and sustainable shops, Mareike decided to open Wesen in Neukölln, which she considers to be a “lovely, kind and open minded neighbourhood, with a fascinating mix of people and cultures”.

wesen shop berlin

As well as a clothes shop, Wesen is also a showroom for FORMAT, creating a shopping experience with a unique ambience that’s a treat to behold. FORMAT’s style focuses on minimalism, with freedom of movement and a laid-back look. They offer a timeless quality that does not want to be pigeon-holed.

The shop also stocks a range of brands from like-minded designers. Some of these include jewellery makers Baaj, Bkreb and Ksenia Obkhova, which are definitely worth checking out.

When we asked Mareike about how people have responded to her concept, she had nothing but good news: “I am very happy about the rise of interest in fair and organic clothing, it is definitely an advance”.

And of course, when I asked Mareike to pick her favourite piece, this deep blue cotton blouse showed perfectly what FORMAT style is all about.

wesen top zumi


Weserstr. 191 | 12045 Berlin | 030 54592277

wesen-berlin.com | facebook.com/WESENberlin

Mon-Sat 11-19hr






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