Fashion + Music + People = Down by Retro

By Sarah Luisa Santos . January 23, 2014

down by retro berlin

As we know, southeast Berlin is steadily changing from being a neighbourhood known for its Turkish community to a more active, multicultural place, where we can find not only crowded bars but also very good shops.

down by retro berlin shop

Talking about this change, Bass Cadet Records/Down by Retro (BCR/DBR are the organizers of Neukölln Shopping Nacht), got our attention not only for the innovative thinking, but also for the collaboration and care about the community around – and their excellent vintage clothes selection.

Co-founder Laura Le Marchand is the one in charge of the fashion part, choosing carefully vintage items that she likes to bring back into contemporary focus. A good way out to have more style without following the massive fast fashion brands.

down by retro bags

In the meanwhile Etienne Dauta is responsible for putting on the shelves vinyls rarities side by side with latest releases from Berlin record labels.

down by retro vinyl

Adding to this, the place also have what they call soirèes, evening with friends and drinks. Who doesn’t like it, no?
This French duo fell in love with Berlin just like us, and brought to the city this boutique where fashion, music and interesting people meet together.
We have asked 3 little things to Laura, the co-founder, to know a little bit more, after all why Berlin?

Why Berlin?

I have been coming to Berlin for a long time. My closest friends used to live here years ago.I lived in Paris and it was such a stressful city.
With my best friend Etienne, we had this idea to have our own store with clothes and records. So, it was something really natural to move to this city to enjoy friendship, activity and peace.

What do you think about the fashion in Berlin?

Laura: In my opinion, Berliners don’t want to spend too much money on clothes. That’s the reason why vintage, markets and second hand clothes are really popular. Besides, it’s always nicer to wear a unique piece that you can’t find in every shop. Berlin is very relaxed but despite appearances can be very edgy. There is lot of fashion designers. So, clothes that we love which are a mix between contemporary fashion and vintage.

Which item you are craving in the shop right now?

We just got in a mini wool skirt from France, very colorful. They are perfect for the winter in Berlin. So, I think it would be my favourite item to face the cold weather ;)

down by retro laura

Down by Retro at Weserstrasse, 189. 12045, Berlin.

Opening hours:

Monday : 14 – 20 hr
Tuesday – Thursday : 11 -20hr
Friday: 11 – 21hr
Saturday: 14 – 21hr


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