Exploring Berlin Record Shops Part THREE – STATIC SHOCK MUSIK

By John Perye . June 21, 2016

Exploring the streets of Berlin for record shops has led us to Static Shock Musik. Inside this little shop on Bürknerstraße you won’t be digging through beat-up maxi pop singles looking for that one punk gem. On the contrary, this shop caters to specific buyers’ needs and won’t have you wasting your time flipping through the fat.

BLY spoke with Static Shock Musik owner Christian Iffland:


Can you give us a brief history of Static Shock?

After working in several record shops in Berlin (since I moved here in 2000) it was time to start my own shop. That was around 2009.

Soon after that I started Static Age Musik as a label to release records and tapes for friends and to do some quality re-issues, mostly old Swiss KBD punk 7″s.


What kind of records do you specialize in?

Mostly Punk, Hardcore, Metal, Garage, Independent Vinyl, new and used LPs, 7″s and tapes, but I have little Jazz, Kraut and Weirdo sections as well…

BERLIN LOVES YOU - Static Shock MusikIMG_3376

Where is Static Shock located, and is it a good neighborhood for a record shop?

Static Shock is just around Kottbuser Damm/U-Bahn Schönleinstr. and yes, I would say it’s a great neighborhood for a shop. So many other nice record shops are around the corner, like Soultrade, Wowsville, Heiße Scheiben and Q-Tip, so it’s definitely worth it to make a round and include all these shops in one go… (that’s what I am doing from time to time as well and always buy way too much, hehe!)


What else do you offer outside of vinyl?

Tapes and Shirts, that’s it.



When is the shop open?

It’s open from Monday to Saturday from 13.00-19.00 o’clock!!! See you there!



Static Shock Musik

Bürknerstraße 6, 12047 Berlin


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