Don’t Be a Fool – Catch MARINE April 1st at Schokoladen

By John Perye . March 31, 2015

Would you like to swim in the sound of lo-fi natural melodic-pop? If so, the ocean you’re looking for is Marine! The London-based, all-female outfit consisting of Ruby Jack, Cara Sebastian, Kaja Magsam, and Beth Dariti are riding a wave of positive vibes after recently releasing their first EP, simply titled EP1, at the end of February. Since then the band has had a string of well-received live shows and press including being played on the program BBC Introducing. See Marine here in Berlin before they set sail for a summer festival run which includes Bulgaria’s Meadows in the Mountains and Secret Garden Party in the United Kingdom.

marinepress2BLY spoke with Cara and the rest of the girls shortly before they kicked off their U.K. / German tour:

Where and when did Marine start?

Under the sea! No, not really. Cheesy answer. Marine was born of 2 crazy ladies round a campfire, and an itch for something funnier,  bigger, and with more meaning! We didn’t even know if this would be possible at that point but our mutual love of mythology and singing was a good start. Later as the concept of the 7 roots of all stories tracing the outline to each 7 track album solidified, we learnt to weave our styles. Then we were lucky enough to come by Beth and Kaja at the right time on the gig circuit in London, a rhythm section who craft their grooves around the emotional detail in the song which gives the sound its glue.

How would you describe Marine’s sound?

I would probably describe it all wrong because it’s a tricky question but I would like to say it sounds like lofi melodic pop but also nature! It has long lofi melodies that swim along nicely, big crashing emotions, playful rhythms, and swirly dark bits like a storm.

What attracts you to playing in Berlin?

Everything! The venues are interesting and diverse, there seems to be an atmosphere of openness to new ideas as well! As the concept behind the EP is very important to us, we feel drawn to the artistic and experimental reputation of the city too. Aside from that, the last time we played in Berlin we simply found the people to be amazing!

Any surprises planned for the April Fools gig?  

We aren’t really going to play. Joking! (or are we?)

MARINE plays April 1st @

Schokoladen – Mitte- Ackerstraße 169, 10115 Berlin

Also playing Blood & Honey and Hope


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