Brooklyn-based Folktronic band HOWARD @ PRIVATCLUB

By John Perye . October 26, 2015

When you think of two genres of music that are on the opposite sides of the spectrum, folk and electronic may come to mind. You’d probably never think the two would hookup with each other, but suprising they have, and gave birth to a son named Howard. That’s right, Folktronic is here and you have a chance to hear it live in Berlin, when the Brooklyn-based group, Howard, hits the stage at Privatclub.

Promo-Pic (1)BLY spoke with Howard Feibusch before the band’s Fall European Tour:

How would you describe your music for those who have yet to hear it?

Our music has been inspired by electronic music as well as rock and folk. We combine electronics with traditional instrumentation too expand on our sonic possibilities. It has been compared to Fleet Foxes, Philip Glass, Other Lives, and Radiohead.

How long has the group been active?

This particular group has been active for about two years but the project has seen many incarnations with different names and bandmates over the course of six years.

The single “Money Can’t Buy,” has over 4 million streams on Spotify with no label backing of any sort. How did that happen?

I’m not quite sure to be honest. It was first picked up on the blogosphere and then gained traction from there. Some folks must have picked it up on Spotify and spread it naturally. We feel very grateful that it happened that way.

The band embarks on their first European tour in a few days time. How pumped is everyone?

Super Pumped!!

Any thing you really want to do while in Berlin?

I’m looking forward to exploring the city and all the great culture it has to offer. And we look forward to meeting everyone!

See HOWARD Live @

Skalitzer Straße 85-86, 10997 Berlin

Tues, October 27th, 2015


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