Berlin T-shirt Series: Silberfischer Urban Style

By Sarah Luisa Santos . May 28, 2014

Silberfischer - (3)

Inspired by our brand new tee collection (yes, it’s true!), the thought of doing a series on t-shirts made in Berlin seemed perfectly natural.

The first on the list is Silberfischer, located in Prenzlauer Berg.

As t-shirts come from a very urban, street wear background, Silberfischer also was born out of the idea of bringing the streets and everyday life into fashion.

Communication Designer Elke and Programmer André Riethmüller joined forces when they first acquired a computerized stitching machine and started to experiment with prints and embroidery, applying traditional sewing techniques like cross-stitching to completely unconventional motifs, usually very graphical, humorous and inspired by everyday life in Berlin.

Silberfischer also tries to create their own path by not exclusively following fashion trends, and keeping loyal to its roots with an urban and relaxed style.

Silberfischer - (9)

The t-shirts are handmade, something that makes the production process even more personal, and all t-shirts are Fairtrade, produced using high quality organic cotton.

Apparently this business model works pretty well, since the brand has existed since 2004, and the flagship store opened back in 2006. The store, located in Oderberger Strasse, has a very cozy and familiar atmosphere and allows you to catch a glimpse of what Elke or André are up to produce next.

I personally had a crush on “Birdy Universe Print”, mixing ethereal lines with a cute bird graphic.


Silberfischer - (13)




Oderberger Str. 23

10435 Berlin



OPEN: MO-SA 12 – 7pm

Tel: +49 (0)30 60 05 99 27




Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/SILBERFISCHER




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