Fun Run with Free Drinks this Friday? Berlin is On!

By Andrew Cottrill . September 19, 2017

Berlin is On Black & White Night Run is a free, casual fun run through Berlin with free drinks at the end.

The Berlin Marathon’s this weekend. But there’s nothing fun about running a marathon (the months of training alone is terrifying). But a 5-10k run with free drinks at the end? That sounds more manageable.

This Friday night, September 22nd at 7pm, Swiss running shoe brand On welcome us to join them for a night run, dressed in black and white, to test their running shoes.

On make super-specialised running shoes for everything from sprinting, to trail running and long distance training, and boast the world’s lightest running shoe. If you’re a running enthusiast, this is a great chance to test out some of the world’s best running shoes for free. If you’re a keen amateur, this is a great change to have some exercise, meet people and drink maybe too much.

Take a look at On’s range of women’s and men’s running shoes.

The Black & White Night Run has three starting points for different running skills.

You can choose from three skill levels, all of which end at the same finishing line:
“Rush”-Run: approx. 10k, fast pace
“Flow”-Run: approx. 7k, medium pace
“Cloud”-Run: approx. 5k, easy pace

Upon finishing the run, you’ll be awarded with free drinks, free guided blackroll training and some awesome prizes to win.

If you’d like to register for the race (and let On know your shoe size), follow this link. There is, however, only a limited number of shoes to test so register quickly!

On are also running a scavenger hunt across Berlin from tomorrow through the weekend where you can win On running shoes and equipment by solving their clues and discovering where in the city they’ve hidden the prizes. Find out more on their Facebook event page.

Berlin is On Fun Run

Berlin is On Black & White Night Run
September 22nd, 7pm
Find out the location by registering.


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