Berlin Food Week 2015: Who Knew Cabbage Could Be Sexy?

By Allison Krupp . September 28, 2015


Ultimate foodie-fête Berlin Food Week, held from September 28th to October 4th and centered in Mitte’s Kraftwerk, is a time for all-things-caloric—for food both local and international; for culinary pursuits based in quality and class and artistry; for conversations both pretentious and real-to-the-rib-bone about how to make eating in this city great (and above all–different).

September 28th’s opening networking party, Food Night, gives the metaphorical toast and erupts into this marvelous gut-burdening week with AXICA catering and, naturally, a theme of “Leftover Cookings,” during which five key spatula-wielders of the Berlin food scene will join together and create delicious (and probably gorgeous) meals from things we wasteful losers usually throw away.


And around the city? Berlin Food Week winds from Lichterfelde West to Schöneberg to Kreuzberg with 50 participating restaurants, each with three to four courses and set prices of 29, 49, or 79 euros (the latter for those who, apparently, “have a job in Berlin”). The theme, “Krautwende,” brings cabbage to the table for the first time since your grandmother did it—ensuring that each dish offers an avant garde and interesting take on cabbage (beyond its normal state: “in a vague stew”).

If you like, you can check out the booking platform Open Table to see when and where tables are available and reserve your place online, because spontaneity is irresponsible when you’re racing Berlin Hipsters to the next-big-dinner-table.


And who will win the Food Porn Award? This prize is new to 2015, offering a time to pause upon professional and amateur food photographers (not just iPhoned-Instagrammers) and award the top-tier with places in the Food Porn exhibition at BASE camp.

Prepare to indulge in culinary masterpieces both haute-cuisine and flavorful (a surprising combination, frankly) prepared by star players like Marco Müller, Thomas Bühner, and Joannis Malathounis. Remember to keep your exercise gym on speed dial and kiss your inhibitions goodbye as you dive into the bright caloric future of Berlin Food Week.

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