Berlin Fashion Week: what it is all about

By Sarah Luisa Santos . January 27, 2014

mads dinesen show
Mads Dinesen winter/2014

Berlin Fashion Week is over, and now I pretty much understand a bit better when people say Berlin is not famous for its fashion.

Reading some other articles, fashionistas indeed are not huge fans of Berlin Fashion Week. And why is that?

I believe here in Europe it is quite a task to overcome traditional fashion poles such as Paris or Milan, and apparently big German labels have also flown to such capitals to show their own collections. So, what does Berlin Fashion Week stand for?

Being relatively young, the support of young designers is quite important for Berlin Fashion Week. And that’s what really got my attention.

Forget classic labels, sharp tailoring or very structured outfits (which some brands have shown here). What is maybe more interesting about Berlin is that fashion here is more raw, careless (in a good way) and young. And to be honest, quite like the average Berliner, oder?

julia and ben show
Julia and Ben winter/2014

To begin with, Julia and Ben and Mads Dinesen apparently took this prerogative for themselves, of course each of them with their own way and inspiration. Maybe these two collections we could see Berghain goers wearing. Both designers had “fighters” on the runway, with lots of black outfits, uneven constructions and mix of volumes and materials.

anne gorke show
Anne Gorke winter/2014

Another insight of Berlin Fashion Week was Anne Gorke, which also put on some very powerful girls on runway, with the Yo Madame collection. The designer also has an eco-friendly production, with 100% organic wool. Sustainability and ecological goods are quite trendy at the moment. Good way to go.

julian zigerli show
Julian Zigerli winter/2014

Last but not least, another “newcomer” is the Swiss Julian Zigerli. With a more colourful winter, the designer decided to bring back some positive attitude, even to the darkest of Berliners, with the help of French graphic design trio Golgotha. Colours and forms were geometric arranged into oversized jumpers and buttoned up shirts.

Overall, fashion week was what everybody says about the city itself: Arm, aber sexy!


Photos: courtesy of Arne Erbele Press and Mercedes Benz Fashion Week


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