Beautiful sunset views from Flakturm Humboldthain

By BERLIN LOVES YOU . November 14, 2008

You may not find yourself in Wedding often. Few people outside the local community visit this remarkably unglamorous, working class district in the West. Though certainly not the most stylish part of town, Wedding posesses a certain grit which gives it its charm. Like Kreuzberg without the hipsters, Wedding is the kind of place where Muslim-run corner stores will sell no alcohol, yet items of questionable legality are easily purchased in the back rooms of sketchy shopfronts. Not exactly a tourist hotspot.

High above Wedding’s busy streets and bustling markets, is an unexpected island of tranquility. The Flakturm is one of three anti-aircraft towers erected in Berlin during World War II. The massive, partially demolished concrete structure stands at the top of a man-made hill near the Gesundbrunnen Ubahn station, overlooking Wedding and Volkspark Humboldthain. A climb up a spiraling path brings you to a small park amidst the remains of the tower, where you’ll find some of the best sunset views in this remarkably flat city.




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