Back to Basics with Uniqlo

By Sarah Luisa Santos . June 16, 2014

uniqlo berlin


I must admit I was quite impressed with Uniqlo shop in Berlin. I know it is mainstream, I know it is a ‘fast fashion’, so I went to see what is so attractive about this shop that all fashionistas talk about it?


I first came to the idea of writing about Uniqlo because of our t-shirt series of articles (check out first post here) but I ended up finding more.


FYI, Uniqlo has a huge t-shirt collection at the shop and, as a kid from the ‘80s, I was very thrilled to see so many prints reminding me of that memorable decade. Not for everybody’s taste, I know, but personally I find the Gremlins shirt or even some Looney Tunes prints quite funny and cute – although the Gremlins one is dry-clean only (you know what happens if it gets wet).

uniqlo tees


But, besides the tees, the shop itself is reason enough to pay a visit. Massive, with three floors, Uniqlo Berlin needs nothing more to compare to the other flagship stores around the globe.


uniqlo shop berlin


For those unfamiliar with the brand, Uniqlo opened for business in 1984, during a great economic boom in Japan.


With a philosophy that is strongly based on timeless pieces and quality at affordable prices, Uniqlo has mainly basic garments with functional design, and most of them with strong fabric technology research, like the Heattech Line, that, retains heat in fine pieces of clothing, or the Ultra Light Down Jackets, with super light fabric.


uniqlo clothes


Another strong point of the Japanese brand is the way these basics can be easily matched with each other. No need to be a fashion stylist – with just a bit of creativity you can get out of the shop with a complete look. Good for those of us that do not like to search too hard for that perfect new outfit.

Other than that, Uniqlo is famous for their fashion collaborations. The one I actually went crazy about was with famous denim brand J.Brand. They made a very good slim fit jean with a classic wash – perfect for everyday life (again, back to the basics subject).


uniqlo jeans

There is also a special collection made with French model-turned-designer, Inès De La Fressange. The clothes are a bit bourgeois, but I believe lots of mums would be delighted to receive a gift from this collection.


Though Uniqlo is a fast fashion chain, for me it seems that they try to keep it cool and not to be so obvious trend follower like Swedish H&M or Spanish Zara.


Well, I was only looking for a t-shirt there, but I found some other things to talk about too ;)




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