Amoreze Bralettes for Sensual, Female Empowerment

By Allison Krupp . September 27, 2016

In Berlin, feminine beauty is based in individuality, a collection of strangeness and crooked teeth and shaven heads and taut bodies and pillow bodies and a constant sense of freedom, of authenticity. And with this ready imperfection, Berlin women claim empowerment.

Anca Barson crafts gorgeous AmorezeBerlin lingerie, along with her marketing partner, Irina Bibire, each to the specifications of the particular woman, allowing an intense complementation between the bralette and the feminine body. Find their website with more information here.


This full confidence in beauty and power refutes ideas of lingerie discomfort. It negates ideas that breasts are features for men to behold. Each model stands firm, resilient, with very much the mentality: if you want Plain Janes in push-up bras who don’t do whatever the fuck they want, go back home.

We chatted with Irina and Anca, the women behind Amoreze, to get a sense for the mission.

BLY. What gave you the inspiration to start Amoreze?

Everything around us promises perfection. Often, we find ourselves pulled like a magnet for these (beauty) ideals that are not ours. Therefore, I have the courage to propose to every woman to discover her own beauty, to embrace its imperfection and enjoy this native and original beauty and not the manufactured one.

In a world full of “corsets”, I propose freedom of movement, speech and expression, naturalness of beauty and its original forms.


BLY. Your models pose with such empowerment. How do you think your lingerie gives them this power?

Every piece was created especially for the shapes and sizes of models which posed for me. They felt empowered in Amorezebralettes and told me that their breasts felt formidable.

There is a reciprocal relationship between the bralette and the woman wearing it; they complement and highlight or intensifies each other. They give “life” to one another.


I believe that all the items that I create are suited for every woman. I hand-make every bralette, every harness with so much love and passion, following sizes and shapes of every woman’s body while listening to the needs of each of my “amorezada” customer.

An A-cup “amorezada” told me she had never thought before to give up the push-up bra. I made her a bralette that empowered her to stand out without a push-up bra. Since then she wears it continuously, very proud of her own body.

BLY. What do you see for the future of Amoreze?

I hope Amoreze will be a delight for every women, and can become that brand for spoiling yourself and feeling good.

Together, we can create something extraordinary to complement your body.

Like Amoreze on Facebook and contact Irina and Anca for more information.

Find their website here. 


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