Alex Cameron to Rule Berlin from Festsaal to Loophole Afterparty for One Night Only

By Allison Krupp . October 10, 2019

Shameless/Limitless presents: Alex Cameron at Festsaal, before a wild Afterparty DJ set at Loophole.

Sydney-native Alex Cameron is a storyteller: crafting up strange personalities based on failing showmen, deadbeat parents, alpha males lurking through bars and demanding worship. He’s squeezing something else out of music—and it sizzles with attitude.

On his recent album, “Miami Memory,” he dips deeper into the scary inner realms of his own bizarro mind—crafting up an album, at its core, that tells the story of his love for Jemima Kirke. Her collaboration has sent AlCam on a far different journey than ever before. And as we here in Berlin are embracers of change, we’ll accept anything Alex Cameron throws at us at Festsaal Wednesday night.

And I’ve still said nothing of stellar Sydney-native Jack Ladder, a rich baritone, wording up melancholic and cinematic tunes for support.

Read on for our interview with Alex Cameron.

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A ‘Tsunami’ of an Afterparty at Loophole

After the gig, Alex Cameron, Roy Molloy, Jack Ladder & The Dreamlanders, and Bad Hammer take over one of our favorite dank n dance-y hole-in-the-walls—Loophole—for DJ sets till 3 a.m. These DJs aren’t your typical Berlin personalities—and assuredly blast through the boredom of Berlin techno for something far fresher. It’ll be a night to remember.

Make sure to buy your tickets for the gig here and find more info on the raucous afterparty here

We got the chance to fire some questions at AlCam himself:

BLY: On this new album, you’re a bit more autobiographical — is this the real AlCam? Where do you keep your other personas while you’re touring as yourself ? Can you whip them out on demand?

I think it’s pretty close. But I think my songwriting is an exercise in trying to understand myself and the people around me. I’m trynna get a grip on how things work. No one has ever presented me with an ultimatum, but I get my records done when they need to be done. I like deadlines.  

BLY: You released your first album in 2013 and then the second in 2017. What was that gap like? Why the wait?

Me and Roy were touring the whole time. That First album was our business card. We didn’t get a record deal until 2016. Then we put the second one out.

50442355_1942668359162156_3088839809544749056_oBLY: How is Roy handling your intense relationship? Any jealousy involved? Will he come out with his own set of songs involving his heartache at losing you? 

Roy is better than ever. We like working. I sometimes think that one day Roy’s work is going to make more money for the business than touring ever could.

BLY: You’ve talked extensively about wanting to write love songs. Why do you think — if this is an age of ultimate pessimism and fear — love songs are still so important? 

They’re important to me because I’m in love. I’m grateful for it. It’s something worth taking a picture of. Make it last longer.     

BLY: Where do you keep your drops of blood in a green glass vial? Is it easy to tour with? 

In my makeup bag.

BLY: Do you find life as a brunette more challenging?

I’m just a tourist. I don’t claim to understand the challenges.

BLY: Are your friends in Kansas City with the Mother-Fucking-Futon-Couch open to other visitors? Seems they could charge a bit for AlCam fans to rest their weary heads. 

 I think they rent it out when they’re not in town. You could probably find it listed somewhere. Maybe you’ve already stayed there.

BLY: How’s touring this album different than touring the others? 

We have more songs to choose from, and people are singing the lyrics back to me. It’s unreal. It just seems to grow and grow. Bigger venues that somehow the audiences manage to transform into intimate spaces. A beautiful energy.

Buy Tickets Here
Facebook Event for Festsaal 
Loophole Event 

Festsaal Kreuzberg
Am Flutgraben 2, 12435 Berlin


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