She’s a welcoming city, is old Berlin. But like anything interesting in this world of ours, she’s complicated, vast, ever changing. When you think you’ve got a grasp on her, she rears around again, larger, denser, more strange. That’s why we’re here: a guiding voice amongst the din, a bike-lane express to your WG, a friendly hand in the darkroom. Berlin loves you. We love you. Let us show you some stuff.

Our Berlin blog *ahem* online magazine is written by a collection of Berlin-dwellers, old and new, from different backgrounds, with one thing in common: we love this city. This website is a platform for us to tell stories on Berlin news, events, startups, entrepreneurs, performers, food, restaurants, things to do, beer, burgers, love, shopping, fashion, lifestyle and anything else that interests us.


Do you want to know what’s happening in the Berlin techno or indie scene? Check our MUSIC section. If burlesque and cabaret is your thing, take a look at SHOWS. If you’re looking for somewhere to eat tonight, go to FOOD. And if you want to know who we think are the brightest and best idea-makers Berlin has to offer, check out our MAKERS section. It’s as simple as that.

If you’re still wondering ‘What should I do right now in Berlin?’ then check out our EVENTS CALENDAR section, where our writers have chosen which events are happening today or over the next few weeks which we think you’d love.

19612l2-r01-029What’s our mission? To get your artist’s visa approved; to find something bigger and better than Berghain; to invigorate your eternal Berlin escape; and to get you laid, finally. Kindly let us know if we’re doing well.

BERLIN LOVES YOU, but do you love her back? Prove it. Go out and make the most of this wonderful city we call home.

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