A Haunted Halloween in Berlin

By Brendan Power . October 30, 2013

As the days grow shorter and the nights longer, we are now nearing the height of the scary season with Halloween rapidly approaching on the 31st of October.  This year it falls on a Thursday, but fear not all ye 9-5ers, the spooky festivities will carry on long into the weekend.  We’ve chosen 3 parties for you to pick from as just a taste of the options available to you across the city next week.

Thursday, October 31st @ The Zone

Kleine Reise’s 4th annual Halloween costume party goes on tour this year, with Reuterstrasse’s creepy basement venue ‘The Zone’ playing host.  As always the KR folks’ event takes place on the genuine Halloween night of October 31st when spirits and ghouls are said to walk the earth, and werewolves and witches run free.
Real KR

Kleine Reise’s Halloween parties have become infamous for the effort its attendees have put into their costumes over the years and this time will be no different, so prepare to be spooked! The party which will be helmed by resident KR DJs and guests, but will also feature a spooky cabaret and lounge singer act from Marigold and Beverly Mann (LIVE).
Check out the Facebook event here

€5 entrance
The Zone
Reuterstrasse 95

Friday, November 1st @ Berghain Kantine

Friday’s choice if you weren’t able to make it out on Thursday comes in shape of the 5th edition of a former Halloween WG apartment party that grew too big for its boots and had to move into the clubs to avoid censure from the polizei.
wg 49 

WG 94 invite you to join them in the Berghain Kantine for a “party like no tomorrow with pure evilness, bloodlines, and enough darkness to cover your sinister sins while in the dark room.” If you want to attend, make sure to wear a costume as the entrance is much cheaper if you do!
Attend here

€15 entrance (€5 if you wear a costume)
Berghain Kantine
Am Wriezener Bahnhof

Saturday, November 2nd @ Adagio

If by Saturday you still haven’t satisfied your bloodlust then the Masquearade at Adagio club might be your last chance, unless you want to dance with the hoards of zombies who populate most of the Berlin clubs open on Sunday morning! With its location way out west, Adagio might not be a familiar venue to many readers, but hey, if you’ve left it until Saturday to get your Halloween on, this could be your last chance to get involved!

Masks for the Masquerade are included with the cost of entry and for more details, including how to get on their guestlist, check out the info page here

€10 entrance
Marlene-Dietrich-Platz 1

10785 Berlin


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