5 Minutes with Sophie Auster

By Sarah Luisa Santos . November 24, 2015

Sophie Auster

I met singer Sophie Auster in a rented AirBnb flat next to Boddinstrasse, Neukölln. Not the place I would expect to meet the upcoming singer, who’s now releasing her third album, Dogs and Men.

Young and petite, Sophie has a 1960s flare (that she swears doesn’t sum up her whole style) that gravitates between well-known designers and vintage buys.

Sophie Auster

Although her upcoming gig is hosted there, Sophie doesn’t seem like a typical Berghain girl (well, after Claire Danes having ice cream in there, we never know what to expect). She told me about how, the night before, she’d ended up in a grimy rock bar, accompanied by some Harley Davidson motorcycles.

I always try to stay in the upcoming neighborhoods and, of course, when I looked it up, this place was way cheaper than others.”

In between suitcases and piles of clothes, Sophie Auster explained me how her new album, Dogs and Men, differs from her previous works.

It’s about broken relationships, but also many other sides of me, my dreams and other personality traits. I think my music is very story-driven, I don’t want be known for one specific topic, even though love and relationships are very fruitful things for artists.”

Considering herself eclectic, she tells me that the influence of her parents, writers Paul Auster and Siri Hustvedt, is clearly present in the way she composes her music.

I always had many books, read a lot, wrote a lot. Yes, you can say this narrative style is due my upbringing.”

She also promised me that something truly spectacular will feature at her next show, her vintage red velvet suit which she will wear on stage. That, and, of course, her music.

Sophie Auster’s next concert will take place at the Kantine am Berghain on the 27th of November.


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