17 Top Grill Spots for Berlin Summer BBQs

By BERLIN LOVES YOU . May 19, 2017

Where’re the best places to fire up the grill with friends in Berlin?

The answer in Berlin is largely: anywhere outside. But hey, sometimes you want to treat yourself by living life like a normal person and going to a real, German Grillplatz.

Well, here they are – the 17 best bbq/grill spots in Berlin chosen by travelcircus.de:

This interactive map rates Grillplätze on many criteria like cleanliness of area, amenities and nearby leisure activities to ensure you get the best out of your sun/sterni/bratwurst experience. And before you look, yes Görli park IS listed as filthy.

This nifty map was created by Travel Circus for their article 17 besten Grillplätze Berlins (and subsequently stolen by BERLIN LOVES YOU).

Find out more at travelcircus.de.


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