YOUR special Christmas gift from Berlin! This week only 15 instead of 25 Euros with free international shipping! The BLY Shirt!

By BERLIN LOVES YOU . December 11, 2013


These girls aren’t very happy about this but we are changing our T-Shirt collection. We are going all organic, sustainable and very, very soft! Our new shirts are being produced and will be available in the first quarter of 2014. Until then, this is your one and only (and last) chance to get one of our old design shirts.

They are cool, retro (hipsters can tell people “I liked Berlin Loves You BEFORE they changed their t-shirts”) and, best of all, cheap.

The retail price was 25 Euros. But because we are nice, and Christmas is coming up, the very last shirts are now available for one week only for 15 Euros per Shirt including FREE shipping anywhere in the world.

Deal? Deal! Get them while they last! If you have a special order to make send us an Email to tshirt@staging-berlinlovesyou.kinsta.cloud



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