Where Berlin Startups get their brainpower Part I

By BERLIN LOVES YOU . January 25, 2012

Or maybe a bit simpler where they eat!

Ever wondered where you can meet all these tech startup we are working on the next big  thing guys? Well there is only one answer to this question and it is: Rosenthaler Platz.


The problem: There are about 50% really good venues and about 50% really bad ones. So these days the good ones where you will meet employees from Soundcloud, Readmill or Amen are Transit, Co Co Banh Mi or if you are a into a bit more fancy Asian stuff Dudu on Torstr.

For the investor meetings but also to have some relaxing times and have good drinks the ones who are blessed with a membership will meet at Soho House Berlin.

Tuna Steak Tartare at Soho House Berlin.

And then there is about a 10 minute walk away from Rosenthaler Platz a place where usually on fridays a lot of people mingle its a meet and greet amongst the scene. The place is called Papa Pane and has huge Pizzas, great Pasta and really good deals. Brad Pitt likes going there when in twon with his architects. Thoe fridays are also used to sometimes have the first weekend beer or a house vine to slwoly start the weekend ;)

More to come in Part 2 which will be published here soon!




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