Weekend of Horror with Final Girls Film Fest 2021

By Allison Krupp . February 5, 2021

The sixth Final Girls Film Fest goes digital to celebrate women and non-binary filmmakers dedicated to all things horror.

2021’s Final Girls Fest — a truly inspired edition to this city’s wide variety of film festivals — is split into two sections.

The first is February 4-7, online-only, with feature films, blocks of short films, and many talks and online events.

Purchase full festival or individual film/event tickets here.

And watch the trailer below!

2021 February Final Girls Berlin Film Festival Trailer from Final Girls Berlin on Vimeo.

This weekend —

Final Girls Film Fest features the German premiere of DARKNESS, which is directed by Emanuela Rosi. It follows three sisters who have been ordered to stay inside by their father due to the apocalypse. Does this sound familiar to any of you?

Beyond this, there’s the German premiere of 12 HOUR SHIFT, directed by Brea Grant, which revolves around Nurse Mandy, who works a draining job in the medical field while trading in organs on the black market.

Then, there’s the German premiere of THE STYLIST, directed by Jill Gevargizian, which follows Claire, a hairstylist who has trouble connecting with others and has horrifying ways of expressing her distress.

Beyond this, there are a number of shorts, a Spinsters of Horror podcast on satanic horror, and even a screenwriting workshop. Make sure to check the schedule so you catch some of this eclectic and incredible schedule, here.

The second edition of Final Girls Film Fest 2021 is planned for later this year — Halloween weekend, in fact, hopefully in-person at City Kino Wedding. Keep your fingers crossed.

Happy screaming!

Final Girls Berlin Film Festival
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