We go Thailand! Or: THAILAND LOVES YOU!

By BERLIN LOVES YOU . April 11, 2010

Actually we are in Thailand already. And BERLIN LOVES YOU loves Thailand. Despite the “political” situation here right now which isn`t as it is presented in  the international media we are working hard doing photoshoots with Thai children that came from Bangkok to flee the crazyness with their parents for the weekend. After having a great Thai BBQ last night we did a little sunrise shoot at 6am this morning (after which I went straight back to bed). So have fun with the pictures.

After talking to many Thais from the South and from Bangkok I have to say that this political situation is an artificial construct by  the former premier Thaksin who pretty much fooled the whole country and became a very rich man (i.e. by selling a sattelite which was paid for with tax money to Singapore and keeping the money for himself). He uses this money to pay many poor Thais and other asian nationalities living and working in Thailand to demonstrate for him. They get up to 500 Baht a day which is a little more than 10 Euros / US$ and a lot of money here considerung a university grad earns about 200-300 US$ per month. And with the amount of money he has he can pay a long time. However this is not supported bei the majority of the Thai population. They support the military, the current premier as well as the King.

So anyone of you thinking about coming here: Please do so! Its a great country with great people and great food – not even mentioning the weather and  the beaches. Mind Bangkok these days but go for it once Thaksin is out of money or died of cancer (which many people here believe  thats why he is doing it because he is dieing soon).

So don`t believe the hype and go for some smart action like in this picture:


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