Want to visit Iraq without leaving Berlin?

By BERLIN LOVES YOU . August 16, 2009

Was asked on an invitation we got the other day … and yes – we did!


The Green Zone seems to really exist in Berlin! What does it take to run a party in an old Iraqi embassy in the middle of Berlin? Well I suppose not a lot. A generator, two lapt tops, speakers and a but more. Setup a bar invite people and word  to mouth in Berlin works for itself in Berlin. That`s it your are set to go and have a great time!

Find the video of me entering the property below!

[wpvideo 9XF5hSSi]


One of the DJ`s “alone in a burnt room”.


Mingling … where the ambassador probably used to chill in the sun.


[wpvideo BdxdHnJ9]


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3 thoughts on “Want to visit Iraq without leaving Berlin?”

  1. Brillian idea! It’s totally classic Berlin :] I hope that you won’t mind if I’ll “steal” the invitation and your story (with credit ofc) to my Hebrew blog..

  2. Building in the Grabbe Alle / Hesse Str.

    Iraqi embassy?

    The neighbors claim the building was last used as the Australian embassy.

  3. well we don`t know about the location you are talking about – but maybe its time for an austrian party then ;)

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