Very Japanese! Really?

By BERLIN LOVES YOU . August 10, 2012

Yesterday we went to go see the Siro A show at Admiralspalast in Berlin.
Not really knowing what we were about to see we were not disappointed.

If you have been to Japan before you will immediately feel beamed back to Japan. A lot of memories will arise.

Not having been to Japan before you may wonder what these really charming and crazy guys are doing there. It may be a bit strange in the beginning but hey you`ll get an idea on how it could be being on vacation in Japan.

Either way it will probably only take you a few minutes till the show has got you (or you will be leaving because you are shocked by the loud music and crazy light effects like we saw with two 50+ women).

The show being very entertaining, technically challenging and very well prepared (imagine having to stand and dance on very defined spots in order for the show to work) amazed me and made me think. One would not imagine sitting in this show and getting the goosebumps (unless its from the show itself) however I got the goosebumps because the show really made me realize how connected we already are to the technical world and how close we really are to melt with cyberspace. The borders between reality and virtuality merge – not only in the Siro A show but everyday in our everyday life.

So what at first seemed very japanese and very unreal suddenly started feeling very real but charming and very personal. You can see the guys at Admiralspalast until this sunday the 12th of august.


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