Tonight: LUCAS CARRIERI ART GALLERY Finissage ” Weibliche Ungewissheiten” and Molly Nilson Live Concert

By BERLIN LOVES YOU . October 9, 2009

Starts Friday October 9th at 20:00 – see more below!


Pamela Spitz, Munich 1975. Lives and works in Berlin . She grew up in Ecuador and Formentera and got married in Berlin 2007. The approch towards photography started by assisting photo journalists and being trained in the photo editing department of DIE ZEIT LEBEN in 1999. She began to make her living as a portrait photographer and photo editor in Madrid ( 2000-2005) and curated various exhibitions of international artists. Currently, she contributes as a photo editor in ZEITMAGAZIN and VANITY FAIR in Berlin and her photo reportages are being published regularly in magazines such as EL PAIS´s weekly supplement EL PAIS SEMANAL and contributes as a curator in the austrian FLEISCHMAGAZIN

The Swedish singer-songwriter and Pop Diva Molly Nilsson began performing in 2007,
making herself a name in Berlin underground music scene. Over the last two years, this heiress of 80s
pop has performed in numerous bars and galleries in Germany and around in Europe , traveling with her
one woman Show. Her debut limited edition CD These Things Take Time, released in 2008, was
followed by the full-length album Europa, released earlier this year.

Maria Gimeno

If we were capable of concentrating all our emotions in one small gesture, capable of saying everything in one brief phrase, in the slightest of movements. We would be great without being so.


The small hole in the glass is window to wisdom. If you take the chance of looking through, truth is what you may find. Consumed in a vicious circle of cruelty and egocentricity. Devoured as individuals by a superior being, a controlling and globalizing mechanism… where we hide what we do not wish to see… Goya´s image of Saturn devouring his sons is for me the perfect metaphor of the society in which I live.

This artwork is an essential part of my culture, of my pictorial tradition. I have opted to adopt Saturn but as a delicate embroidery representing the society in which we live


Lucas  Carrieri Art Gallery

Torstrasse 96, 10119 Berlin –

Fon: 030 28098860 – Mobile: 017629669477

Di-Sa 14-19 Uhr


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