Tonight & Tomorrow: Gneisenaufilms 64 – 64 movies each 64 seconds all about Gneisenaustr. Berlin Kreuzberg

By BERLIN LOVES YOU . October 1, 2009


On thursday, Octoer 1st. 2009, the 64 videos of the series Gneisenaufilms are going to be presented at Martinski Fine Arts, Gneisenaustraße 64.
For 64 weeks three young Berlin-based artists made a series of 64 64-second videos, all of which were shot on Gneisenaustraße in Kreuzberg. What started as a framework for experimental and audiovisual studies ended up as a kind of diary in which the everyday life of the street and neighbourhood is either directly shown or indirectly reflected.
The projection starts at 7 p.m., after which we would be glad to welcome you for a sip of Portuguese wine.

The films will be screened Thursday (01.10.09) & Friday (02.10.09) from 4pm to 7pm as well. We look forward to see you there!


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