Tonight at Monarch! The Melting Vegitable Spot with Fujin Raijin & Iwazu Mo Gana

By John Perye . August 26, 2014

Cozmik Onion Projects presents the Melting Vegitable Spot Vol. 4 featuring the shakuhachi, Japanese bamboo flute, at Monarch. If you have never heard an actual shakuhachi, chances are you may have heard one synthesized before. 1980’s bands like Tangerine Dream, Tears for Fears, Sade, and recently Linkin Park and Incubus have all used the shakuhachi sound. Fujin Raijin from Japan features a specific configuration of  shakuhachi, played by Kizan Daiyoshi, and djembe, Kiyoshi Fujikawa.

menber-photoKizan Daiyoshi started learning Tozan-ryu Shakuhachi style in 1966 from Kafuji Kakuzan, and passed masters level in 1974. By 1982 he was a Grand Master of the Tozan-ryu style.

Kiyoshi Fujikawa, a world-wide performer, trained under legendary Japanese drummer, Motohiko Hino.  Also set to play is Iwa zu Mo Gana, formed by Taishi Nagasaka, who challenge the new possibilities of Japanese music.

DJ ONiiONIONIION will spinning music from all over.  For event information, click here.

Opens at 21:00, Starts 22:00 (or a bit later)


Skalitzer Str. 134 / 1.Stock, Berlin




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