‘The Reflektors’ (a.k.a ARCADE FIRE) Berlin show announced!, subtly…

By BERLIN LOVES YOU . November 7, 2013


It’s fair to say that Arcade Fire have been a little cryptic of late.

They announced their new album ‘Reflektor’ by responding nonchalantly to a random fan on Twitter back in July. Mysterious art work starting popping up all over the place.. Then, on September 9th they performed at a club in Montreal as ‘The Reflektors’ at  9pm… That’s 9/9/9, eerie! Something fishy was (and still is) going ON! 

Here they are – officially booked, pseudonym and all @ Astra Kulturhaus on Nov 19th. That’s 19/11 (1911, Sun Yat-sen was elected Provisional President of The Republic of China.. You do the math) Click here for ticket info

For info on ‘The Reflektors’ don’t visit this www.thereflektors.com.. unless you feel like having an epileptic seizure.

Text: Rob Bravery


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