This Honest Take on Christmas Ads is So Berlin

By BERLIN LOVES YOU . December 5, 2017

Conrad Electronic’s new Christmas spot is a hilarious, post-modern deconstruction of those overblown Christmas adverts.

It’s Christmas advert time again. Those cinematic, teary and overpriced testaments to advertising’s power to make us feel things we don’t need to feel.

But this year, Conrad Electronic has waded into the fight and teamed up with Berlin film makers PRETTY UGLY Motion Pictures (a part of DOJO) to create this novel and understated parody, trying to find the honesty in Christmas ads behind all that bravado, complete with ironic rap provided by Berlin rapper Massiv. I wonder if Karsten from Conrad knew what he was getting himself into when he left that kitsch recording at DOJO’s office?


Okay, war is declared. Next question is: what will Edeka, Media Markt and Saturn’s responses be?

So there we have it. Nothing left to say but Merry Christmas Advert Time, and we hope your festive season is as happy as this guy’s pretending to be:

conrad electronic most honest christmas ad smiling man

You can find out more on Conrad Electronic’s Facebook page.

Written in cooperation with Conrad Electronic.


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