Sundays in Bed with EatFirst… Food Direct to Your Door in 15mins.

By BERLIN LOVES YOU . May 24, 2015

Gone are the days of bad take away. And why the hell do they never slice the pizzas? Anyway, there’s a new food delivery website that’ll make things like ordering Pizza Ontario from PizzaFriend a thing of the past.

EatFirst promises home-cooked food direct to your door in 15 minutes. Those hangover days have just become a lot easier. Here’s why:

1. You don’t have to cook
2. Your meal will be with you in less than 15 minutes
3. BERLIN LOVES YOU readers get a 20% discount by using the special code “BERLINLOVESU” *

Want more good news?

4. We have tested EatFirst. We have ordered, eaten and excreted it. It’s good, healthy stuff. We recommend it
5. You can choose between a vegetarian dish or a meaty variety
6. Each dish is just 8 Euros (6,40 Euro using our special readers test discount code “BERLINLOVESU” *)
7. It will be delivered to your preferred destination. Bed, park, kneipe…
8. If you are thirsty, you can get an excellent smoothie on top

From the start. EatFirst offers two meals every day, for lunch time and for dinner. They also do Sunday evenings (important).

The concept is simple: use their app, go to their webpage, pick a meal or two (or three) and tell them where you are, and they will get your hot food to you within 15 minutes.

How is this possible? The food is cooked fresh everyday just before lunch or dinner. It is then given to fast and friendly EatFirst Drivers who position themselves all over Berlin. When you order gets in, your food is already waiting for you to be delivered. By choosing special recipes and regularly driving back to the kitchen, your food is always fresh and hot.

After your order, the driver directly drives to your destination. You will receive a call on your mobile to come pick up the food on the street. All this makes things quick, fair and reasonably cheap for everyone!

Look out for the EatFirst car with a Flag that is bringing your food.
Look out for the EatFirst car with a Flag that is bringing your food.
Be nice to the Driver!
Be nice to the Driver!
Get your Food! All is paid and taken care of already!
Get your Food! All is paid and taken care of already!
Enjoy! This is a picture of our first test order which was delicious.
Enjoy! This is a picture of our first test order which was delicious.

So today you can choose between …

Red Chicken Curry with Vegetables
For this Thai style dish, we marinate tender chicken breasts in a lemon grass and ginger and let it simmer in a creamy sauce of red curry, coconut milk and peanut butter. Then we add fresh vegetables and fragrant jasmine rice.


Indian Lentil Stew
This spicy stew was inspired by South Indian cuisine. Red Lentils and eggplants are braised with Ajvar, onions and garlic, which is then completed with mint and a hint of pomegranate syrup, which creates a distinctive taste. The stew is served with jasmine rice.


Here are some dishes from the EatFirst’s back-catalogue:

Pork loin roast with Ricotta-plum stuffing
This pork loin roast is filled with a delicious combination of ricotta cheese and dried plums. It’s served with a sweet potato mash and a refreshing carrot and leek salad.

California Rice Bowl with Avocado
The braised beans in this dish have a mild Mexican vibe, while creamy avocado adds freshness. Spicy salsa and sweet potato cubes complete a medley of flavours and textures. Served with mixed whole grain rice.


Grilled chicken breast glazed with honey and ginger
Juicy and tender chicken fillets are marinated in a sweet mixture of honey and ginger and then chargrilled, to be paired with a side of potato slices and steamed pak choi.



Torben Schulz, one of the Co-Founders, lets us know:
“We offer a service for people who want to eat healthy, but don’t have the time to cook. EatFirst solves this problem by offering everyday food in a really convenient way. With only a few taps on our app, you can get a hot, balanced, tasty meal in 15 minutes”

Torben Schulz - Co-Founder
Give it a shot – you will be surprised (and imagine this food being delivered to you by drones in ten years’ time!)

Opening (Delivery & Order) Hours:

iOS App
Android App

* Code is valid till May 31st brought to you by BERLIN LOVES YOU in cooperation with EatFirst.


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