In-Store Sessions at OYE Kreuzkölln

By BERLIN LOVES YOU . November 1, 2014

Every dance music lover knows that Berlin is a top destination to watch some of the best electronic music shows out-there; from Berghain to Wilde Renate, there’s always some DJ worth listening to every weekend. However, only few are aware of the non-party events going on around town during the week.


A good example of these is the In-Store Sessions that OYE Records Kreuzkölln has been hosting ever since the opening of their second OYE location in Friedelstr. last year.

With a mix of live performances and DJ sets, OYE gives you a chance to see many of your favorite DJs and producers first-hand in an intimate setting. Entry is free, sessions last about 3 to 5 hours, and the line-ups never disappoint.

oye sesh 5 taken by oye

Many of these DJs are regularly playing in top Berlin clubs over the weekend, and having them there, out of context in a chill environment, gives you the opportunity to appreciate the music without having to be at a party at stupid o’clock in the morning. There are also performances from some of the best emerging and well-established producers world-wide. Past events have featured Massimiliano Pagliara, Telephones, Andras Fox and Max Graef, just to name a few.

Going to one of these sessions means grabbing a few beers at the späti with your friends then heading over to OYE to hang out and listen to well-selected music by respected DJs and producers. What makes it most interesting for me is watching these artists out-of-the-club and in a relaxed environment. There is also a level of accessibility to the artists you never find in clubs, making it a very personal experience.

OYE hosts these sessions as often as once every two weeks but sometimes surprises us with events with only a few hours’ notice. You can easily get informed about these by following them on Facebook/Twitter/Instagram.


OYE Records has a long-lasting, well-earned reputation among DJs and record collectors for being one of the best stores in town (given their incredibly varied music selection). These events are without a doubt suitable for all types of audiences to enjoy. The record store is very small and gets very crowded, but most people stay outside drinking and having a good time. You can also buy a few records like in a regular day at the store.

OYE Kreuzkölln
Friedelstrasse 49
Berlin, Germany


OYE on Facebook

Text: Fede Icaza


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