Star Trek Premiere Berlin … blue blue blue

By BERLIN LOVES YOU . April 16, 2009

I liked the movie.

Following please find some movie premiere impressions you probably will usually not find.


Leaving the theatre – as mentioned in earlier posts no camera no phone no nothing allowed inside!


Security was really high. And the wristbands were tight – very tight! 4 checks before entering the theatre crazy there seems to be more security than in an airport!


This is how it looks in one of the busses taking you to the After Party Location. This time it was Weekend at Alexander Platz with quite nice views!


There was a blue carpet and blue light everywhere. They even had blue drinks (forgot to take a shot but it was Sprite, Vodka, Blue Curacao and some Tabasco – give it a try the Hot Star Trek Longdrink – was pretty smooth).

XBox 360 was presenting the Star Trek game one could get the impression entering a Casino when standing at this one end of the bar.


An empty dancefloor. But I can assure you people are dancing now while I am posting – it takes a couple of free drinks to get the crowd going :P


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