Snow Patrol on drinking in Berlin and speaking German in Berlin :)

By BERLIN LOVES YOU . May 20, 2009

[wpvideo yzJcSIzN]

As a tip from the Berlin Loves You Side: Germans really do appreciate if  you do speak at least some German words like: Guten Tag, ein Bier bitte. Or: Dankeschön – Auf Wiedersehen.


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2 thoughts on “Snow Patrol on drinking in Berlin and speaking German in Berlin :)”

  1. Here’s a tip from my side: In English you don’t write tip with two p’s. Neither the word stop (for another example). It’s one of those ridiculous new rules in the German Rechtschreibreform that just causes confusion.

    Secondly, EVERYBODY appreciates it if you speak a few words in their language. Have you guys _ever_ been abroad and tried it? Well, then _try_ it. Puts a smile on their faces.

    Greetings from around the corner,


  2. Jay, thx “p” has been removed. Well same rule applies to Germans abroad of course ;)

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