The smell of coffee and secondhand books: Neukölln’s Raum B

By Sarah Luisa Santos . October 23, 2014

rahm b neukolln

Like many of the stores we’ve already profiled, Raum B follows this second hand, vintage and sustainable philosophy that seems to hover around the Neukölln area. Raum B, however, specializes in second hand books.

Created by Cristina Rodrigues, an Hispanic Literature graduate, and Laëtitia Oxoby, who holds a bachelor in English Literature, the shop is not only the kind of place you can find a book by your favorite French author, but also somewhere to socialize, relax and enjoy a cultural hunt as you rummage through a pile of classics.

cristina and laetitia

As Laëtitia told us, “Raum B is a place where you can drink a coffee or a tea, read a good book or the newspaper, and meet new people. We wanted to create somewhere that people can feel good and, of course, like Cristina and myself, share their passion for books with others.”

Besides the good selection of books in French, English and German, Raum B also offers some events with various artists, hosting exhibitions and concerts from time to time.

rahm b

Laëtitia share her view on the Neukölln area with us.

“Neukölln is a Kiez that can still be called multikulti. Different people, different cultures, different languages are living altogether in one place. And Raum B’s aim is to respect this location as well as to have its own contribution to the life of the area.”

Their website is definitely worth the click, with some tips about must-read novels and all upcoming events at the bookshop, including workshops teaching children about art, literature and music.

Raum B
Wildenbruchstr. 4
12045 Berlin
030 95628082

Open Tuesday/Friday: 2 p.m. 8 p.m.
Saturday: 10:30 a.m. 6 p.m.

U7: Rathaus Neukölln
Busse: M41, 104 and 167: Erkstraße


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