“People’s Poet” John Cooper Clarke at Festsaal Kreuzberg

By Allison Krupp . June 8, 2019

John Cooper Clarke is punk’s answer to poetry performance. His show, June 20 at Festsaal Kreuzberg, is his first in Berlin, after an over five-decade career.

We’re giving away tickets. Email win@berlinlovesyou.com with the headline: “John Cooper Clarke” for your chance to win two tickets to this sharp-tongued comedic-poet, once-roommate of Velvet Underground’s Nico, constant innovator and influencer on the likes of the Arctic Monkeys, who spews such words as (from “Twat”) —

Like a death a birthday party
You ruin all the fun
Like a sucked and spat-our Smartie

You’re no use to anyone
Like the shadow of the guillotine
On a dead consumptive’s face
Speaking as an outsider
What do you think of the human race?

I ran weeping to our music writer, Tom-Taylor, for a quote about his heroin-chic idol. It should be noted that TT left us in the depths of sorrow when he abandoned Berlin last year for whatever the hell is going on outside the ring. That said, he has fine words regarding JCC.

John Cooper Clarke, much like his peer and friend Mark E Smith, flies the flag for beer-wet, cigarette-stained Northern punk-poetry. Every line Cooper Clark delivers drips with cynicism, humour, anger and tenderness. You can show your feelings up North, sure, but make sure whoever’s on the receiving end is left wondering ‘well does he like me, or doesn’t he?’

Check out more information about the event here. 

Festsaal Kreuzberg
Am Flutgraben 2
12435 Berlin


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