PaulCamper is Airbnb for Campervans

By BERLIN LOVES YOU . March 29, 2019

Berlin start-up PaulCamper brings campervans into the digital age.

Campervans: the most German of inventions. They seamlessly mix the love of finely-tuned automobiles with that of the Great German Outdoors (and by that I mean sitting quietly annoyed on a wind-battered Ostsee beach, looking out into the swirling grey abyss, waiting for your pommes to arrive).

But who in Berlin hasn’t dreamed of packing their best buddies into the back of a VW Bulli with a few crates of something cheap and heading off into the German wilderness? Maybe spending a balmy summer’s night or two around one of Brandenburg’s millions of undiscovered lakes? Grilling bratwursts on an open fire (paying strict notice to Germany’s fire laws, of course)?

Well, PaulCamper lets you find that campervan in your area, take it for a night or a month and go wherever your heart tells you. You never knew you needed a campervan until PaulCamper made it so easy to get one.

PaulCamper Berlin Loves You Campervan by fire

Campervans to rent in Berlin.

They say the happiest day of someone’s life is the day they buy a boat. Then the next happiest day of their life is the day they sell it. From knowing campervan owners, I know this rings true for them too.

But with PaulCamper, you don’t have to go through the nonsense of owning a camper – you only get the benefits. It works like Airbnb: you select your location and the days you wish to rent the van then click search. Suddenly, the page lights up with row after row of cute little campervans just begging for you to climb inside. Find out more about how it works here.

PaulCamper ScreenShot Berlin Loves You
How the PaulCamper search screen looks.

All you need is a driver’s license.

PaulCamper sorts all the paperwork out for you – all you need to drive your Bulli off into the sunset is to be over 23 years old and own a valid driver’s license.

Every motorhome rented through PaulCamper is comprehensively insured through Allianz (or through the owner’s private insurance). Any premiums are already included in your rental price. If anything happens to your intrepid campervan during your journey, you’ll be fully protected. They also offer full protection against things like tyre puncture repair.

All PaulCamper campervans come equipped with the camping gear you’ll need for your trip. Just lug your suitcases onboard and start your holiday.

Any other requirements the campervan owners might have are listed clearly on each campervan’s profile. Just like Airbnb.

Find your dream campervan now.

Where should I go?

Wolziger See – Skinny-dip in this beautiful lake near Storkow. Shh, don’t tell anyone else about it.

Mecklenburger Seenplatte – Boost Meck-Pom’s economy whilst also seeing some of Germany’s cutest and most pristine countryside.

Moryń – Jump the border to Poland and visit this adorable countryside town. And hey, pick me up a few packs of cigarettes whilst there.

But… Who the heck is Paul?

Well, the answer to that is simple: Paul’s a campervan. Paul is the plucky little campervan which carried PaulCamper founder Dirk around the world on his travels. It’s the van which ignited Dirk’s love of all things campervanish and led him to found PaulCamper, hoping to help others to realise their true love of life on the road.

You can actually rent Paul. He’s on PaulCamper.de. You can rent him for 59EUR a night.

Paul in his natural habitat.

In fact, most of PaulCamper’s fleet of privately-owned campervans have cutesy names. Why? Because people who own campervans are… nuts, and treat these 4-wheeled holidaying machines like family members. Ill-tempered family members at times, yes, but loved nonetheless. Josephine, Hektor, Weiße Lady and Ferdinand are all waiting for you to jump inside of them. And who could ignore little Paulchen?

PaulCamper Paulchen Berlin Loves You
Paulchen (no relation to Paul).

Ready to become a campervan fanatic?

This is it. Your chance to become a campervan fanatic. You can have all-night raves in caravan parks. You can live-stream your road-trip playlist. You could finally make that trip to Leipzig to visit the Sternburg brewery. Choose life. Choose PaulCamper.

Get more info on how PaulCamper works.
Jump straight in and find your dream campervan here.

Logo PaulCamper Berlin Loves You

Sponsored by PaulCamper.


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