New radio show assists you with life’s dilemmas

By BERLIN LOVES YOU . December 8, 2014

Humans are fallible and can often be broken. There are times when we can’t always face life alone and need the help of others to pick up those fragmented shards – ones who will place back them together again.

Words For The Wise is a brand new Internet radio show, which aims to make sure everyone feels like there are arms to catch when they fall; or a compass to guide when all seems adrift.


Three hosts who are experts in nothing other than simply living and learning through the years, will dispense informative, compelling and unbiased advice. Emboldened by their own life comprehension, Joe Garland, Kai Mertig and Didi Apfel read questions from people of all walks of life; then discuss and debate their opinions and experiences to discover a solution to the quandary.

Already with half a dozen episodes to their names, Words For The Wise deliberates recommended actions on a myriad of themes, whether that be relationships on the rocks, uncertainty of life after school, combating peer pressure or simply everything and anything in between.

Furthermore, the trio give their take on a weekly topic, with past subjects ranging from modern communication, the afterlife and gender equality. Exceptional and divergent music acts as an interlude between the questions and issues under discourse.

One of many programs on Berlin Radio International, Words For The Wise doesn’t masquerade as a pure therapy show by any means. The instalments contain as much laughter, banter and entertainment – as there is poignancy, guidance and finality. Friends of the hosts often appear as guests; purely adding more fuel to the fire of aiding those under duress.

Available to be heard live every Monday night at 7:30pm to 8:30pm, the show can additionally be listened to as a podcast the following day.

Not all those who wander are lost; but occasionally the stars are there if you wish to be lead out of the dark and into a brand new day.

More information can be found at the official homepage of Words For The Wise.


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