Berlin Based Music Startups

By BERLIN LOVES YOU . January 3, 2012

What are the hottest Berlin startups? Well of course, we know.


The giant that is Soundcloud, has millions of users, and it only launched three years ago.


wahwah.fm are looking to revolutionise the way we interact with music. Born from the idea of hearing what others are listening to around you, wahwah.fm lets you listen to radio stations based on how close they are to you. Great for locals!


Tape.tv is MTV for Generation Y. They are already the third most popular video stream service in Germany.


Being kept very under wraps, Inner Toy is trying to democratise the music business, enabling you to stream music for free and promote your favourite artists.


The Pandora for Germany, Aupeo already have a huge catalogue for creating their personal radio service.



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