Motorwerk – Coworking and Creativity in Weißensee

By Tom Taylor . October 25, 2019

Motorwerk – a creative island for freelancers in Weissensee

Motorwerk is steeped in some serious Berlin history. Having started off as an electric motor factory more than 100 years ago, it was then repurposed as a concert venue, hosting an impressive array of acts including Motorhead, Tupac and the Velvet Underground back in the early ’90s.

Now this impressive and sizable factory complex is home to a thriving hub of people working in the creative industries. Artists, furniture makers, dance academies and a wide variety of mac-in-hand creatives occupy studios and workshops throughout Motorwerk’s expansive complex.


The huge and impressive main factory room, though sadly no longer throbbing to the sounds of ‘Ace of Spades’, functions as a state-of-the-art events location, hosting international brands and conferences throughout the year.

Coworking spaces at Motorwerk

Modern Berlin’s more coffee-and-coworking than KuDamm-and-currywurst, and in this ever-expanding city, the opportunities to work within that industrial aesthetic that made Berlin famous are dwindling.

With more and more creative types are moving to Weissensee, having been priced out of central Berlin, Motorwerk offers coworking space ideally suited to those seeking such a place to work in the Weissensee/Wedding neighbourhood.


Workspaces are available at very affordable rates, with all the things you’d expect from a coworking space. There’s coffee, stylish furniture and decor (supplied by WorksBerlin, who make all the furniture in their own Motorwerk workshop) and a terrace offering views far over Berlin.


Their spaces are suited to individuals, groups and whole teams, with workspaces for holding meetings or workshops. For prices and information on availability, visit the coworking page on Motorwerk’s website here.

Ramona’s Imbiss is an added benefit of coworking at Motorwerk

One of the benefits of working at Motorwerk is that you get to sample the delights of Ramona’s Imbiss, a small ‘bude’ located opposite the complex. Ramona carefully curates a daily menu of Berliner dishes that she serves up to the hungry workers of the neighbourhood.

Ramona’s delicious schnitzel and bratkartoffeln

With Berliner history and Berliner food in abundance, Weissensee’s Motorwerk is the co-working space that’s more smashed lightbulb than hot yoga. The real Berlin.

More info on Motorwerk’s coworking space can be found here.

An der Industriebahn 12
13088 Berlin


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