MMX Opening Show III tonight (Friday 30th of April)

By BERLIN LOVES YOU . April 30, 2010

Show III opens on April 30, 2010 from 19:00-22:00. The third exhibition at MMX will run from May 1-May 28 and will be ever changing and evolving throughout the duration of the show.

The third show at MMX expands out of the ground floor rooms and into the garden and back courtyard. Tobias Sternberg from Sweden is bringing back the dead with his life size sculptures of extinct animals. The garden at MMX will be transforming over the next months with the work of Mr. Sternberg’s interactive piece Schadensorge and also by Canadian Cedric Bomford. Bomford will be building one of his fantastical constructions that will snake across the front of the garden.
Inside, Veronika Schumacher continues to push the boundaries of what she started in Show II, her decadent and bipolar wallpaper will engulf the entire room this time. David Krepfle’s sculptures are dually humorous and mischievous as their visual color play bounces around the room. Screening program III is curated by the MMX directors.
Ingrid Roe’s Tomorrow Never Comes premiers in Europe, referring to the false promises of easy remedies and new utopias that never (and will never) come to pass, promises made in politics as well as in commercial advertising. In the Hinterhof, Michael Ebert presents his installation Stiller, a continuation of his minimalistic approaches using a piano string, connecting the underground to greater heights. New Zealander, Julian Oliver bends the reality of what we see and what we might have missed with his virtual alterations to the real.
Karol Slowik from Poland will install his glowing sculpture Immaculate Conception, a massive sculpture hovering in the dark waiting for the viewer to find it. Circadian, the light therapy room installation will remain open for the first 2 weeks of Show III and then will hibernate for the warmer seasons.

Chilean pop trio Samanta perform Opening night.

MMX strives to bring people and art together by presenting exhibitions, film screenings, lectures, musical and dance performances, and unique weekly events. For more information please check out www.mmx.mx


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