Meet Jones Ice Cream this Friday & Saturday at Bite Club

By BERLIN LOVES YOU . July 25, 2014


One year ago we were one of the first ones to bring you the good news about Bite Club. We knew these guys were on to something and this weekend we are very happy to congratulate Bite Club on its first anniversary!

As you know we started a series to introduce all Bite Club food trucks and their founders to you, and this week it’s Jones Ice Cream’s turn. Bite Club returns to MS Hoppetosse this Friday and will also be back in Mitte behind Platoon on Saturday, so you’ve plenty of opportunities to try their produce, but first let’s meet them. We spoke to Jones Ice Cream founder Gabrielle Jones.


What is your food truck/ food stand about and why is it special?
Our coming-very-soon truck (we have an ice cream stand at the moment) serves the 2 products we love the best: ice cream & cookies, on their own or combined together. We put 10 years of learning in high standards restaurants into practice to make 2 simple, everyday food products that just taste & look better.

Every single little thing in our ice cream & cookies is handmade. From the caramelized nuts to the meringues, the roasted fruits jam or the cookie dough dices: there is absolutely no dehydrated powders at all, no artificial aromas, no preservatives, no stabilizers… and despite all that, our ice cream is super creamy and the cookies stay soft for up to 3 days. Oh, and we don’t make sorbet, all our fruit flavors are milky/creamy… And full-fat :)

Ice cream in an amazing support for all type  of flavors and it’s a lot of fun to recreate classic desserts or cocktails but frozen versions. Our specialty is to use alcohol in ice cream, which is at first not that easy. Sometimes we make cocktail ice creams: such as the refreshing Mojito flavor.We’ve also experimented with single spirit flavored ice creams, so they have the most intense flavor possible. We just created a very special ice cream for the Bite Club using the Singleton whisky: a smooth but strong Singleton Sunray ice cream that will compose our ice cream cup creations.

How did you get to Berlin?
Because of love.

When did you get the idea to start a mobile food business?
January this year, right after I arrived in Berlin,  after realizing it would be too long to open a little shop. It actually might have been faster.

Why are you doing it in Berlin?
Berlin seemed to be the perfect place because it’s big. And because it’s big, I also felt more comfortable to go meet the people where they are, instead of waiting for them to come to me.But there is still a lot of work to accomplish so Berlin make it easier for us, to establish our itinerant food business.

When was the last time you felt that Berlin loves you?
I don’t know but I’m sure that everyday Berlin can feel that I love her.

What were your biggest challenges?
To have the recipes I set up in Paris over the years taste and look the same with German ingredients. Flour, yogurt, butter… Everything is different. At one point I had to make compromises not to order everything directly from France. I finally improved upon the recipes and made them even better :)


Coming to your truck our readers can experience:
Self-indulgence in a buttery and creamy heaven full of original & fun flavors, all served with a big smile.

Jones Ice Cream
Webpage: www.jonesicecream.com
Twitter: https://twitter.com/JONES_icecream Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/jonesicecream

KREUZBERG – every other friday Hoppetosse by Badeschiff (Eichenstrasse 4) U1 Schlesisches Tor | S Treptow Park July 25 – Sep 12 6pm to Midnight

MITTE – every saturday Behind Platoon Kunsthalle (Schöonhauser Allee 9) U2 Rosa-Luxembourg-Platz May 24 – Sept 6 2pm-10pm



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