Free MA’BALLZ for Men’s Health on December 5

By BERLIN LOVES YOU . December 5, 2018

Movember veterans! Get your beards and moustaches trimmed and tuck into free meatballs. You’ve earned it.

November meant Moustaches. Beards. Facial hair in all form and hipster function. It was a Movember to remember (or forget after the eighth pint). And now that it’s through, barbers everywhere are sharpening their razors, licking their lips, ready to tear through the forestry upon our Berliner men’s cheeks and find fresh baby-smooth skin beneath.

It’s a tragedy for some (myself included, a proponent of The Stach: that thick strip of ‘70s porn star nostalgia). But this year, the Schöneberg barbershop Ebony and Ivory and the delivery service Deliveroo are offering an incredible deal for all hairy brethren.

It’s a deal in support of men’s health, as well as men’s pure affinity for all things meaty and delicious. Namely, in this case, meatballs from MA’ BALLZ. Meatballs in all makes and models—including beef, pork, and lamb. There are also vegetarian meatballs, which doesn’t really work with the joke I’m trying to make here but hey, inclusivity is important, as are fiber and the environment. Anyway.


The details are as follows:

On December 5, participants in the 2018 Movember (plus anyone in need of a facial hair trim) may arrive at Ebony and Ivory‘s barbershop for a beard trim or a shave. No matter how thick or meagre your beard or ‘stache, you won’t be turned away. Movember proceeds ultimately go toward prostate and testicular cancer research, and also promote open discussions about men’s health. And this isn’t the first time. In fact, back in 2016, 10,000 strong German beards were sliced in support of this movement.


While supplies last, customers will receive a 15 euro voucher for the virtual restaurant MA’BALLZ, which can be ordered via Deliveroo. You can choose from various types of meatballs, so-called “BALLZ”, with beef, pork or lamb as well as vegetarian balls with different spices, toppings and side dishes. MA’BALLZ are single-handedly making meatballs sexy again – having sold more than 2500 balls in the last 2 months alone.

We haven’t seen your face in weeks. See you on the other side!

Appointments are recommended for this event.

Ebony and Ivory
December 5th 2018
Potsdamer Straße 158
10783 Berlin


Check out MA’ BALLZ on Deliveroo.

This article was sponsored by Deliveroo. Photographs by Lena Siebrasse.


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