The Listening Get-Together feat. PJ Harvey

By Brendan Power . April 14, 2014

LGT Olga Baczynska

Lets come together,
Right now,
Oh yeah,
In sweet harmony.

In case you needed reminding, the lyrics above come from the classic track Sweet Harmony, by The Beloved and seem quite apt when discussing today’s subject,  The Listening Get-Together.  Hosted by Olga Baczynska, this is an opportunity for people to come together and listen to a record, yes a real life vinyl record, from beginning to end, and gain a rich and in depth understanding of the music and its background.  Taking place on the second Monday of every month at MultiLayerLaden, this event promises to bring with it an intimate introduction to the artist, as well insider knowledge about the record, such as the recording process or the inspiration for the music.

As host Baczynska explains, “It’s a fantastic possibility to listen to records, well known or yet undiscovered, in concentration within a cosy atmosphere. While talking or dancing is not advised, you can sit on the cosy couches, drink beer, smoke cigarettes – the venue even has high quality headphones, if you want a close up listening experience!” The listening session is then followed by a discussion which she describes as being ‘critical, personal, and entertaining’, while the record itself is then given away as the prize in a lottery using the money donated on entry to pay for it.

April’s edition of the event on the 14th will feature PJ Harvey’s ‘Stories from the City, Stories from the Sea‘, which was released in 2000. As Baczynska explains, “It is one of her most successful albums and is a homage to her beloved city of New York. It contains 13 awesome alternative rock tracks and, if that wasn’t enough, a huge bonus on the record comes in the form of Radiohead’s Thom Yorke involvement in creating some of the songs.”  So if you’re a fan of PJ Harvey, or just looking to discover new music in an unique environment, this just might be the Monday evening outing you’ve been looking for.

The Listening Get-Together
2nd Monday of every month.
Free entry with small donation.
Doors open 20:00 listening starts at 21:00

Adalbertstrasse 4
Kreuzberg, Berlin

Photo credit to Olga Baczynska – www.olgabphotography.com


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