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By John Perye . April 18, 2016

What began as a project of sorts between the Danish band Efterklang and Finnish percussionist Tatu Rönkkö, has now morphed into a proper group named Liima. Their debut album, ii, was released last month on the 4AD label. The band is set to play in Berlin this Thursday, and for your chance to win a pair of tickets just follow the instructions below.

BLY spoke with Rasmus Stolberg from Liima:

BERLIN-LOVES-YOU-Liima - Credit Thomas M. Jauk                                                                            (Photo: Thomas M. Jauk)

In August of 2014, before a pop-up concert in Mitte, I spoke with Casper about the new project billed that night as “Tatu Rönkkö + Efterklang.” Now, in 2016, we speak of Liima. So he was right in saying then, “I think people can expect at some point this to be more defined.”

Yep! We had the feeling from the very beginning that this had the potential to be more than a project. It feels so great to now have a new band and a debut album out!

Casper also said that day when asked about if the focus was on making a record or live shows, he replied, “Play some shows, go back into the rehearsal space and make some more music, and see what comes out of it.” I take it ii is what eventually came out of that process?

Yeah, except that we never went back into the rehearsal space as we don’t have one. We live in three different cities (Berlin, Copenhagen, Lisbon) so we wrote the music for the album in four focused writing camps. We met up in Finland, Berlin, Istanbul and on Madeira. Each place we had about a week to write new songs, which we then would premiere immediately in front of a live audience. We continued to work on the songs on different small tours and when we finally went into the studio we knew exactly how to perform the songs – this meant we were able to record 16 songs in just three days. 10 of them you can hear on our ‘ii’ album.

Liima – Amerika from Olivier Groulx on Vimeo.

The upcoming gig at Berghain comes at the tail end of the tour. How have the shows on this tour been received?

Really well thank you. I get the impression that the audience are very surprised that we play everything live. The feedback has been immense so far. Makes us happy. We love playing live and we’ve been looking forward to the Berghain concert for so long. We’ll be top tuned for it :-)

Liima is:

Tatu Rönkkö – Handgemachte Beats (MPC)

Mads Brauer – Synthesizer/Electronics

Casper Clausen – Gesang

Rasmus Stolberg – Bass

LIVE Thursday, April 21st @  Berghain / Panorama Bar

Wriezener Bahnhof, 10243, Berlin

Einlass: 20 Uhr | Beginn: 21 Uhr

Support: Islaja


E-mail: win@staging-berlinlovesyou.kinsta.cloud

Subject: Liima Ticket Give-away


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